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About Us

Agaram Systems is a trusted technology services partner with proven global capabilities, quality standards, and delivery processes, making us your global partner for success.

Since 2012, Agaram Systems has delivered world-class Information Technology, Research and Development, and Business Process Outsourcing services to clients globally. Agaram Systems has a strong track record of developing advance technologies, process innovation and business models for a wide range of clients from many industries including the software, hardware, telecom, internet, financial services, consumer electronics, pharmaceutical, healthcare, energy, government and manufacturing sectors. We have been recognized both by our partners and industry specialists for our extensive services and capabilities portfolio helping our clients win today’s versatile global marketplace.

Success as a customer of India technology services requires one to leverage a partner who can provide traditional on-site consulting and remote delivery, as well as domestic support of India-based operations. This requires India-based providers like Agaram System to have professionals experienced in serving domestic and global MNC clients, and established capabilities for serving clients in both domestic and international markets. In addition, knowledge of relevant industries and technology - both globally and domestically - is critical to being a long-term value-added partner. In many cases, global clients exploring India as an outsourcing destination have had extensive prior experience outsourcing to providers in India and are in need of alternatives. Agaram System maintains the optimal combination of world-class platforms and processes, coupled with local market expertise and human capital management. Accordingly, Agaram System has built a platform that enables us to support our most demanding clients as their long-term needs for India-based services evolve. As a company with its roots in India, we leverage all the benefits India has to offer and deliver services to our clients each day in a highly competitive fashion.

Our Goals

The Agaram Systems team follows goals that are common to our clients: find and develop solutions that support their business strategy in fields such as Research and Development Services (Product Globalization, Software Product Testing, Hardware Device Testing, and Mobile Technology etc.), Information Technology Services (Application Development & Maintenance, Application Testing, Cloud Computing, Packaged Solutions, and Infrastructure Management etc.), and Business Process Outsourcing (Data Management).

Agaram System's continuous rapid growth, both internally and through our many recent acquisitions in India and globally, makes us the preferred partner for our clients’ success around the world. As we expand our expertise across the board in IT outsourcing services to offer our clients more value added solutions to improve their business performance, Agaram Systems takes pride in being more than just a provider, willing to go the extra step to help our clients build and improve their outsourcing practices and processes, effectively embracing their vision and understanding their strategies. Our teams will work passionately to ensure that client engagements meet both the business and technology expectations and are delivered on-time, within budget, and with the highest quality output.

With Agaram Systems, you'll gain an innovative, experienced and technically proficient technology service partner to improve your IT efficiency, compress time to market, and achieve higher business success.

Social Responsibility

At Agaram Systems, an integral part of our value system is having and promoting a strong sense of social responsibility. We believe that we are in a unique position to contribute responsibly to economic development, while improving the quality of life of our workforce, their families, society and the environment. Our corporate social responsibility efforts span three areas: commitment to education, society, and the environment.

Commitment to the Community

Community support: Agaram Systems encourages employees to participate in community events. The company has organized activities around helping outlying communities. Support includes both time-off for participation, as well as financial sponsorship

Charity: Agaram Systems regularly organizes employee donations for charitable causes, including educational assistance to children living in poverty, and families affected by natural disasters. The company will match employee donations to these causes, as well as provide additional financial assistance.

Social Commitment to Education

  • Agaram Systems Internship Program (ASIP) provides free training and internship opportunities to university students during their final semester. ASIP helps students promote both their technical and client-skills. Housing is also provided free of charge to students. Goals of ASIP include providing valuable job skills to students, as well as increasing the number of outstanding IT professionals available for recruiting. Upon graduation there is no obligation to join Agaram Systems, although many students choose to remain with the company
  • Academics: Agaram Systems is an active sponsor in academic programs. Agaram Systems frequently organizes academic programs and sponsors for the judges and winners.
  • Scholarship: Agaram Systems began supporting a scholarship program at India’s leading engineering schools. The scholarship is directed at students who are economically disadvantaged, and unable to provide for their own education. Currently, Agaram Systems is providing educational assistance for 4 years of education, including room and board, to recipients of the scholarship
  • Agaram Systems actively participates in the academic community by contributing to research, lecturing, and regularly hosting visiting classes from leading academic institutions.

About Us

Our Goals

Social Responsibilities

Social Commitment to Education

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